Today company figures prominently among the leaders in the industry, as it has continuously adapted to the challenges of tomorrow by making use of manpower, resources and technological developments in the field. SSSPL has its own philosophy of working and always has attitude to contribute their best efforts to the society. With Experience and expertise SSSPL has established their own parameters and guidelines on which they work as a team.


Knowledge base is the most important component of a consulting organization. SSSPL has devised various methodologies to keep abreast of the latest technological developments which are as given below:

  • Codal review and regular comparison with international standards and guidelines.
  • Association and consultation with educational and research institutions.
  • Web based information retrieval for latest materials, construction technology, new books and publications, etc.
  • Participation in seminars, workshops and conferences on applied topics.


Maintaining high quality in the work produced is our primary goal. Quality in Design implies:

  • Optimization between safety and economy.
  • Clarity in the design and drawing.
  • Most importantly client satisfaction.

These can only be achieved by deploying high ethical standards to achieve the best possible structural efficiency. To meet quality control process SSSPL follow multi-layered review of the entire flow of work starting from concept final details worked out in drawings. The organization works on the 'Trickle Up and Trickle Down' management concept. Project work is continually evaluated by Senior Associates for accuracy and consistency throughout the design and detailing phase, so that design solutions and detailing parameters meet the client's expectations and are in line with the project goals. Not to mention that Dr.Sadanand Ojha is always involved deeply in the projects.


SSSPL deal every project as a challenging problem to be solved. Existing solutions are not the limiting factor, our constant endeavor is to go beyond the obvious. This facet of creativity inculcated in our manpower leads to development of innovative techniques for problem solving.

SSSPL deploy high-end tools like latest software packages and web based applications to achieve innovative, creative and optimized solutions. Our focus remains on adding value to the project. Accordingly, it becomes essential to explore several solutions to any given design challenge. Those solutions are then evaluated for costs and benefits, including constructability and compared to the specific project's goals. Only then can the ideal, and often unique, solution be selected. This approach usually results in a significant reduction of construction costs as well as reduced long-term operation and maintenance expenses with enhanced structural stability and performance.


SSSPL is known for their commitments. SSSPL assures clients for delivery of drawings and documents on committed dates. One team works day and night to fulfill the commitments.

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